August 6, 2015

Baby Must Haves: Newborn Edition

Before I had Jack, I would stalk the internet for "baby must have" lists. I was OBSESSED. I'm a planner, and I needed to have a list of all the things I needed. Since we didn't know Jack's gender, I also wanted to get very gender neutral & basic stuff that I could use for all my future kids. In this list, you will find my favorite newborn items. I personally used all the items in the list while Jack was a newborn and they were super helpful! I hope this list can help any future mommas out there! 

1. 4Moms Mamaroo Bouncer- I'm sure you've seen this item on tons of baby lists. But guys, it's on there for a reason. This thing is amazing! An awesome way to soothe baby and give you free hands for when you're about to pee your pants/need to cook/do laundry/do your hair...
2. Babyganics Products - We tried a lot of different diapering/bath products when Jack was born. But my favorite ended up being the babyganics line. Their products are free of all that icky stuff and also very affordable. Some of my favorite products are their diapers & their diaper cream!
3. Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat- I spent so much time researching car seats! In the end, we decided to go with this one for several reasons. Obviously, we found it to be extremely safe for our new peanut but also we found that it had the most options for stroller compatibility. And a huge plus, it's very affordable! 
4. Gap Baby Clothing- I have a serious obsession with Gap baby clothes. Jack's closet is about 75% Gap. But they have the softest, cutest stuff for babies! Also, they have TONS of gender neutral stuff, which for us was an obvious must. I specifically wanted most of my newborn stuff to be gender neutral because it's something that I can use for all future babies. A lot of people are sometimes concerned with Gap prices, but they have amazing deals/sales ALL the time! Sign up for their e-mails, they have coupon codes almost every week. 
5. FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator - Before Jack was born, I had lots of parents tell me that the Nose Frida was a must. I kept thinking "what's so special about it?!". It's special for sure! Believe me when I say this thing sucks boogers out like it's life depends on it, enough said! tip: squirt some Boogie Mist in baby's nose first for even more booger sucking capabilities! 
6. Modern Wrap- If I could recommend one baby item to new parents, it would be this. You get to be hands-free while still getting newborn snuggles, who wouldn't want that! I could go on for hours about the benefits of baby wearing, especially for those mammas that are breastfeeding! But trust me, this isn't just for mommas, this was my husband's favorite too! 
7. Baby Jogger City Select Stroller- Disclaimer: I actually have a City Versa, but that has now been discontinued. Regardless, the Baby Jogger strollers are amazing. Once baby #2 comes, we are planning on getting a new City Select. Lots of car seat comparabilities, great storage compartment, and sturdy. City Select strollers are a little more pricey, but in my opinion a great investment.
8. Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Legacy Collection Bag- Believe it or not, I also researched the crap out of diaper bags. I'm super picky, and I knew picking one I liked would be a challenge. Ultimately, I decided on this bag because it doesn't scream diaper bag and because of the messenger bag/backpack option. Not to mention, the compartment space is great and you can stick it in the washing machine to clean it!
9. aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket- This is another one of those products that everyone recommended. To be honest, I was a little skeptical about them. But turns out, they were right! We live in AZ, so regular swaddle blankets can get too hot! Jack loves how soft (and me) they are & are perfect for hot AZ days.
10. 4Moms Breeze Playard - 4moms just gets me! We used this play yard in our room for those first few weeks. It has a removable bassinet for those early stages. Plus, it's SO easy to set up and take down. Jack now uses it at his grandma's house everyday for naps, and still totally loves it!
11. Covered Goods Cover- One of the best purchases I made! Since I breastfeed, this cover has never left my diaper bag. I use it EVERYDAY. It's so easy to nurse in public with this cover. I also use it a carseat cover, which was great to keep icky hands away from him when he was a newborn. Now that he's older, I also use it as a shopping cart cover & high chair cover! 


  1. It is so hard to find the 'right' diaper bag! Keeping this list as possible baby shower gift ideas.

  2. Car seat should be #1! Our hospital wouldn't even let us leave unless we had one.

  3. So many great items on your list! Having a wrap is such a must have for tiny babies! Thank you for sharing!


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